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Skills are a focus on stats and special abilities that a character equips to enhance their abilities and either enhance their strengths or cover their weakness. For example, the Attack Skill raises a characters attack power and Incantation Skill increases the speed of casting spells. Some skills like Vitality and Technique raise a characters ability to perform more critical hits and counter-attacks. A character can equip up to two skills at a time on most occasions but often characters with Signature Skills can only equip one if any at all.


Skills are split into three categories: Basic, Epic, and Signature. These categories are further divided into being melee or magic though some Epic skills can be both.

Every character has a proficiency with one skill over an another, for instance mage characters will find that learning magic based skills are easier than melee. This plays into utilizing Epic Skills as they will sometimes require a character to have good proficiency with multiple skills to even be available to the character. Skills are ranked in order of proficiency from E (lowest) to SS (highest). The higher a character's skill rank is, the better stats it provide along with higher rate of activating signature skills and combat moves like continuous attacks, counters, and critical hits.

Characters gain Skill Points (SP) in battle which can be used to upgrade their skill ranks by visiting a Combat Teacher or Tutor depending on whether it's magic or melee. In addition, the party has a Party SP pool that grows from defeating enemies and can be dipped into to help raise skills faster. The Party SP pool gains a small amount of SP from enemies but characters can also transfer their unused SP into the pool at a small percentage cost which is useful when using characters who may leave the party for extended periods of time or if you are using the DoReMi Elves who cannot use skills but still gain SP in battle.

Most Combat Teachers and Tutors will not be able to raise a characters rank above C until later in the game and the characters who serve as your army's Combat Teacher and Tutor cannot raise them higher until the player acquires special books that can raise their teaching skills.

Basic Skills

Basic Skills are the standard skills all characters have access to from the beginning. Each one governs over a stat or ability in battle and raising their rank will make them more useful. Most Basic Skills begin at rank E but characters tend to start off with two that are rank D. Skills can be raised up to rank S.

  • Combat Skills
    • Stamina: Raises Max HP.
    • Attack: Raises Attack Power.
    • Defense: Raises Defense as well as Parry/Weapon Defense %.
    • Technique: Raises Accuracy as well as Counter/Thrust Back %.
    • Vitality: Raises Critical Hit/Charge %.
    • Agility: Raises Evasion and Speed as well as Consecutive/Continuous Attack %.
  • Magic Skills
    • Magic: Raises Magic Power.
    • Magic Defense: Raises Magic Defense and Resistance %.
    • Incantation: Raises Speed of Spell-casting.
    • Sword of Magic: Raises power of Sword of Magic abilities.

Epic Skills

Epic Skills are special skills the player can acquire by finding in treasure chests or winning mini-games and War Battles. These Skills raise multiple stats but only take up one skill slot effectively allowing the character to use more skills. There are restrictions though, Epic Skills have to be acquired by finding them in the game and characters have to have at least Rank A in the skills the Epic Skill uses. So in order to have a character equip Raging Lion Epic Skill, they must first have an A rank in both Stamina and Attack Skills in order to use Raging Lion. This means that several Epic Skills can only be equipped by a handful of characters.

  • Combat Epic Skills
    • Raging Lion: Raises Stamina and Attack.
    • Fate Control: Raises Attack and Technique.
    • Karmic Effect: Raises Defense and Technique.
    • Swift Foot: Raises Technique and Agility.
    • Triple Harmony: Raises Attack, Vitality, and Agility.
    • Untold Clarity: Raises all Combat skills except Stamina.
  • Magic Epic Skills
    • Divine Right: Raises Magic and Incantation.
    • Sacred Oath: Raises all Magic skills.
  • Dual Epic Skills
    • Armor of the Gods: Raises Defense and Magic Defense.
    • All-Out Strike: Raises Vitality, Agility, and Incantation.
    • Zen Sword: Raises Attack and Incantation.
    • Royal Paradise: Raises all Combat and Magic skills.

Signature Skills

Signature Skills are unique skills that only certain characters can use. These allow for special effects in combat like the Long Throw skill which allows Throwing weapons to occasionally hit a row of enemies, or passive skills like Tutor which allows the character to raise magic skills outside of towns. Several characters possess Signature Skills and many of them can't be removed, meaning the character only has one slot to use for other skills; but then many of these skills grant unique bonuses that offsets the more limited customization. Support Characters who don't participate in combat primarily have Signature Skills though they can't be raised in rank. Most combat Signature Skills can be raised in rank by an instructor, but Combat Teacher and Tutor are the only Signature Skills that can only be raised by acquiring books and manuals to raise the skills level.

  • Combat Signature Skills
    • Thief: Steal potch from enemies with each attack.
    • Mow Down: Raises Stick/Club/Ax users Cluster Attack %.
    • Pierce: Raises Spear User Column Attack %.
    • Freeze: Raises chance to Stun enemies with each attack.
    • Barrage: Raises Arrow weapon users Multi-Attack %.
    • Long Throw: Raises Row Attack chance for Throw Weapon users.
    • Dragon Special: Raises Cluster Attack % for Dragon Horses.
    • Forge: Forge Weapons anywhere.
    • Combat Teacher: Raise combat skills anywhere.
  • Magic Signature Skills
    • Chain Magic: Cast the same spell multiple times with no additional MP cost.
    • Analyze: See the enemy health bar and weaknesses.
    • Potch Finder: Raises potch gained at end of battle.
    • Treasure Hunt: Raises item drop rate.
    • Escape Route: 100% Success rate for escaping non-boss battles.
    • Healing: Recover a little HP every round of combat.
    • Treatment: Recover some health after battle.
    • Haggle: Lowers merchant prices and raises sell prices.
    • Trade-In: Gain potch for discarding items on the field.
    • Cook: Raises drop rate of cooking items.
    • Rune Sage: Equip and remove runes anywhere.
    • Bard: Changes Battle Music.
    • Perfect Pitch: Raises power of the DoReMi Elf Rune.
    • Appraisal: Appraise ?-Items anywhere.
    • Bath: Raises chance of getting the Toasty Status in battle.
    • Tutor: Raise Magic skills anywhere.
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