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Sol-Falena is a location in Suikoden V.


Sol-Falena has been the capital of the Falena Queendom since the year 212, when Khorshed Falenas moved the capital from the city of Stormfist to Sol-Falena. It is home to the Falenas Royal Family, the Sun Rune, and it is of a great political importance. Both the former Falenan Senate as well as the New Parliament met in Sol-Falena. Beyond this, Sol-Falena has little industry, but it is a bustling town in its own right, and one of the most populous areas found in Falena. Sol-Falena was designed from its very start to function as the capital of Falena, and as such has a number of natural defences to prevent it from being taken over by any advancing army; it was build up upon the banks of the Feitas where it swells into a lake, and has expanded outwards via several artificial islands connected by bridges, making a ground invasion from the south difficult.

The largest structure within Falena is the Sun Palace, home to the Falenan Royal Family for over two hundred years. It is also home to the Sol-Falena dam, which is capable at overflowing the lake, making a naval invasion of the capital impossible. From the north, the Ashtwal Mountains form a natural, mountainous barrier, and the military fortress of Stormfist and the Revolving Bridge form strategic defences from the west and east, respectively. Sol-Falena has rarely seen invasions reach its shores, but in the year 449, the Godwin family, along with Nether Gate, managed to take control of the Sun Palace and Sol-Falena, resulting in the entire government being under their control until the year 450 when Prince Freyjadour Falenas' Loyalist Army managed to reclaim Sol-Falena from the Godwin forces.

Sun Palace

Sun Palace

Located in the centre of the capital, the Sun Palace is one of Sol-Falena's most famous landmarks. The home of the Queen of Falena, as well as the rest of the Royal family, for over 200 years, the Sun Palace is protected by both the Queen's Knights and, following SY 450, the Sun Palace Dragon Brigade, as well as numerous guards. The palace has several secret passageways, including one leading to a small pier, built in case of a needed escape. The palace is protected by such high security due not only to the residence of the royal family, but also the residence of the three runes of Falena - the Sun Rune, and, following the Falenan Civil War, the Twilight Rune and Dawn Rune. When the Sun Rune is returned to the Sun Bust following its usage, it casts a bright light through the top of the Sun Palace, visible both from Sol-Falena itself as well as the waterways surrounding it.

Sol-Falena Dam

The Sol-Falena dam, located on the outskirts of the capital, regulates the water flow heading into Sol-Falena. During times of war, if an enemy planned to invade the capital on water, the Falenan forces could simply decide to open the spillway and thus flood the lake; this defensive structure effectively makes the capital invulnerable to most naval attacks. During the Falenan Civil War, however, Loyalist forces invaded the capital via the Feitas, managing to ride out the flooding. A great deal of the potential damage that could have been dealt by the dam was prevented, due to the usage of the Dawn and Twilight runes.


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