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Suikoden Wikia
This article is about the Suikoden Wiki. For the game, see Suikoden and for the series, see Suikoden (series).

This FAQ answers different questions about the Suikoden Wiki.

Suikopedia and Wiki related questions[]

  1. What is Suikoden?
    Suikoden is a series of Japanese RPGs made by Konami.
  2. What is a Wiki?
    Wikis are online databases set up in a way that anyone can edit any page! For more information, see Wikia.
  3. I want to help! How do I get started?
    If you are familiar with the MediaWiki formatting, jump right in! If you aren't, read Help:Editing.
  4. The information on a page is wrong? Who do I contact to fix it?
    Anyone can edit any page, so you can fix it yourself! To learn more about editing pages, read Help:Editing. However, if you are unsure of how to do this, just place a note on Request Board. Someone will look at it in due time.
  5. All of these articles are in English! Why can't I put Japanese writing into the articles? It's a Japanese game, after all.
    Those are all very good points, but this is the English Wiki. If you are interested in setting up a Japanese or any other language Wiki for Suikoden, contact the administrators of Wikia. Japanese is only allowed for the names of characters, runes, etc, in their respective infoboxes.
  6. I want to add a new article that I made into the category but I don't know where are the categories listed. Where can I find the complete list of the categories available?
    You can find all the categories available at Special:Categories.
  7. What kind of glitches/bugs will I encounter on the wiki?
    • Blank page:
      • This happens because the edits are recent and take some time for display and update. The most effective solution is: 
    • How to fix?
      • Go to history page, and make a comparison between the last two contributions/edits.
      • Wait around 5 min.
      • Hold the Ctrl key, and press F5.
      • Clean your history and cache of your browser.
    • Auto - log off:
      • On occasions, the users enter their username and password, to log on, but soon the same accounts log off, without any authorization of users. 
    • How to fix?
      • It is advisable to send a message to staff or wait for some time.
    • Avatars:
      • Images or avatars in the accounts can not be changed or are the same that the last one used. 
    • How to fix?
      • It is a temporary problem, so it is solved by itself. If you have weeks with the same problems is best send a message to staff.
    • Change username:
      • This is not really a problem, but usually the users must wait a few days (3) for the process to be completed. During this time it may indicate that the account is blocked but it is only part of the process.
    • Templates and bots:
      • Because some updates on all Wiki, the templates may stop working or will have a different effect.
    • How to fix?
      • You may have to create a new version or update some sources.
    • Browsers:
      • Not all users have the same browser, so that the display may change or new information would take some time to be received.
    • Message Walls:
      • When users write new messages, notifications about new posts not appear, so take time to receive the message.
    • How to fix?
      • It is a temporary problem, so it is solved by itself. 
      • Chat room is recommended.

Answer #7 is provided by Sir Lars Alexandersson

In-game related questions[]

  1. How do I get Bob to join my party? How old is Jeane? Is the Blinking Rune a True Rune? etc.
    Ah, those are in-game questions. If your question relates to a Suikoden item or character, check out the articles on Items and Characters or try searching using the search box. If you still can't find your answer, try the Forum, where you can ask questions and other helpful editors will answer them in time.
  2. Suikoden IV is lame. I like Suikoden II better than everything else. Where can I put this salient information?
    Nowhere else (please refer to What the Suikoden Wiki is not). If everyone posted their opinions anywhere on the Wiki, we'd be bogged down. The purpose of this Wiki is only for the sharing of generic information about Suikoden's gameplay and story.

Non-game Related Question[]

  1. I want to write something which has something to do with the real world. Should I create an article for it?
    You can create one article per Suikoden Group of real people and you can only add an article about everything and anything related to the Suikoden universe. If it is not a Suikoden related article or Suikoden Group you can't create one, but you can make your own blog for your ideas that is related to the real world. Keep in mind that you can also create Interwiki links to Wikipedia using this: [[Wikipedia:Any subject]].
  2. Who is the owner of Suikoden Wiki?
    The owner of Suikoden Wiki are the Suikoden Wiki Community for more info please visit: Help:Common mistakes.

Reporting an Admin Question[]

  1. Where can I report any admin who do bad things?
    To the Bureaucrats listed on the Admin page.
  2. The admin is bullying me, should I report him/her?
    Yes, you should. We want this wiki to be a friendly place to everyone.