Suikoden Wikia
Suikoden Wikia

The Suikoden Wiki is an online encyclopedia about the video game series, Suikoden. With respect to creating, writing and posting of different kinds of appropriate and useful information, there are still some things to remember what Suikoden Wiki is not.

Is not an online forum[]

  1. Opinions. Suikoden Wiki pages could be edited by almost anybody out there. However, editing pages is limited only to adding relevant information specific to an article's subject while it is best to avoid writing opinionated information (like game impressions and such). Discussion on a particular article must be done on their respective talk pages.
  2. Discussions. As mentioned above, discussion on a certain subject such as characters, places, items etc., must be done on each article's respective talk pages.

Is not a crystal ball[]

  1. Future information. Everything and anything about a certain Suikoden game, character or any franchise would not and should not be posted on any of the articles here lest they be announced officially by Konami or any of their working partners.

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