Front Page: Prince Living Double Life as Bandit?Edit

Rumors have been circulating that the Prince has been spotted in Sable performing what are described as “bandit-like activities.” This news has caused much consternation among the Prince’s forces. However, there are conflicting reports that state the Prince was in Lelcar at the time.

But an eyewitness from Sablewho requested anonymity is sure the culprit is indeed His Royal Highness. “I seen him with my own two eyes,” the witness said. “He was walkin’ all regal. Ain’t no doubt it was the Prince.” Perhaps not even an official denial by the Prince will put an end to these suspicions.

Back Page: Yashuna Village Hot Springs Dry Up?Edit

“The Dawn Times” has learned that Yashuna Village, a tourist resort famous for it’s hot springs, is experiencing a strange and sudden reduction in the amount of hot water coming from it’s subterranean source. The proprietors of the hostsprings inn are at their wits’ ends.

Adding to the stress and heartbreak for the citizen of Yashuna is that no one can pinpoint the cause of this mysterious drop in water volume. “None of us can figure out what’s gone wrong!” an inn proprietor tearfully explained. “If something doesn’t happen soon, we’ll be out of business!”

Serials: Portraits of the Enemy: ZahhakEdit

As promised in the previous installment of “Portraits of the Enemy.” The Dawn Times will share what we have learned about the traitorous Queen’s Knight Zahhak. To begin with, we must mention that Zahhak is of noble birth; he is actually a distant relative of Godwin family.

In, fact it was Lord Godwin who first discovered Zahhak’s talent for swordsmanship and recommended him for a position as a Queen’s Knight. Zahhak’s first real taste of battle was during the Armes invasion eight years ago, where he proved himself among the strongest of the Queen’s Knights

Zahhak is quite known for his quiet measured disposition, but he’s actually more cold and unfeeling than calm and composed. Those who have worked closely with him reveal an almost megalomaniacal personality – one who would do absolutely anything to achieve his goals.

“Portraits of the Enemy” has uncovered the reason Zahhak turned his back on the royal family. According to insiders Zahhak is firmly convinced that Lord Godwin’s iron-fisted methods are truly the best way to make Falena into a more powerful nation. Zahhak’s unwavering devotion to the strong-arm tactics of Lord Godwin is probably the reason he set Lelcar ablaze. In Zahhak judgement, this tactic was the best way to put the Prince’s forces in disarray and secure the Godwin’s faction’s rapid evacuation, even if it put many innocents at risk.

Former comrades of Zahhak now say that they won’t put anything past him in the future. “I was surprised at the time, but now that I think about it, that’s just the kind of cold, calculated maneuver he’d make in battle.” Former Queen’s Knight Kyle said, “I was damn fool not to expect it.”

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