Suikoden V: Spin Off is a spin off manga of the game Suikoden V. The mangas were published in japan by Enterbrain in 2007 to 2008 and in France in 2011 by Kazé Manga. There was never any official english translation and release. The manga consists of three volumes, with each of them have differents artists/authors and each of the volumes is a collection of short mangas stories. Artists/authors include: Michi Takasato (Vol.1), You Satsuki (Vol.2) and Kaori Akatsuki (Vol.3).


  • Vol 1: Lorsque Point le Jour (When Come the Dawn)
  • Vol 2: Là où s'en vont les Étoiles (Where the Stars go)
  • Vol 3: La Promesse d'un Sourire (Promise of a Smile)
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