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Top 5 Popular Characters for December 2019 Quotes
  1. Tir McDohl
  2. Riou
  3. 🌟 Luc
  4. Razro
  5. Jeane
"The very fact that he is set in his ideas is what makes him so trustworthy..."

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November 1, 2019

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Year: 460

  • The beautiful 29 years old woman who perfect her training in Falcon Style Fencing, Valeria.
  • The pretty young Ninja of the Rokkaku Hamlet, Kasumi.

Both Ladies were trusted by the Toran Republic President Lepant.

Valeria Kasumi
HP 815 761
MP Lv.1 9 9
MP Lv.2 5 5
MP Lv.3 3 2
MP Lv.4 1 1
Atk 192 155
Def 152 160
Str 342 300
Skl 195 195
Mag 145 142
Pdf 270 215
Mdf 155 151
Spd 184 225
Luc 180 178


December 17, 2019

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