"I do not MAKE mistakes! The Sun Rune always lends its divine protection to the just! My path is the path of righteouness! My will is the will of heaven! To defy me is to defy the sun!"
—Arshtat Falenas, Suikoden V

The Sun Rune is one of the 27 True Runes.


The Sun Rune is a True Rune that governs over the great power of the sun.

General OverviewEdit

It has traditionally been property of the Queendom of Falena, and is normally sealed away in the Sun Palace in a bust. It had always been thought by the Falenan people that the Sun Rune was too powerful for any one person to be in control of it; old Falenan legends speak of the Sun Rune seducing its possessor's very soul. Historically, this has been the case, for it was the Sun Rune’s might that destroyed the Ancient Armes Kingdom that once claimed ownership of Falena’s current lands.

The Power of the SunEdit

However, in the year 447, the Sun Rune took Queen Arshtat Falenas for a host. The Queen took this burden to protect it from the House of Godwin, who were making plans to take the Rune into their own possession during the events of the Lordlake Rebellion. Lordlake began marching for Falena’s capital, Sol-Falena. This was in protest of a dam that was built by the House of Barows on the Feitas that gave Lordlake it's water. While this march was taking place, the Dawn Rune was stolen from the East Palace, and the Lordlake marchers were blamed. The Queen, wielding her new power, called a searing beam of light down on Lordlake, evaporating all the water from the land. After this event, Lordlake was deprived of water for two years.

Queen Arshtat continued to bear the Rune during this time, but began to succumb to the Rune’s will. She became violently uncontrollable in moments where she was threatened or questioned. Only the assertion of her husband, Ferid Egan, could calm her. When the Sun Palace was stormed by Godwin forces, however, not even that could stop her, and the Rune’s power killed Ferid. With nothing holding her back, she threatened to destroy Falena, but was slain by the swordsman Georg Prime before she could. The Sun Rune, without a host, returned to the bust in the Sealed Room in the Sun Palace. When the remaining Falenan monarchy escaped, and the Godwins took control, they began efforts to forcibly take the Rune from its bust.

The Sun Rune & Civil WarEdit

When the Falenan Civil War began, Marscal Godwin hired esteemed Rune Scholars, and the mysterious Rune Magician Jeane, to unlock it’s power. This was done by the time that Freyjadour Falenas, leading his Loyalist Army, began to march on Sol-Falena. The Rune was used in an attempt to repel the Prince, but the properties of his Dawn Rune, and also those of the Twilight Rune, nullified its effect. The Palace was stormed, but Marscal Godwin fled to the Ashtwal Mountains with the bust. Freyjadour followed, and met Marscal deep in the Sindar ruins there. Godwin sacrificed his life to the Rune so that it could take on a form to destroy the Rune bearers. This attempt was foiled, and the Rune returned to a peaceful state. With the war concluding, the Sun Rune was returned to the Sealed Room, and has remained there since.

Aspects of the Sun RuneEdit

The Sun Rune has a special relationship with the Dawn Rune and the Twilight Rune. Left to its own devices, the Sun Rune is naught but a weapon, capable of toppling the most powerful of nations. However, with input from the Dawn and Twilight Runes, it can become merciful and can nurture life, rather than destroy it. This aspect is shown with the rebirth of Lyon, who had died from exhaustive use of her Rune.


  • Despite the destructive and annihilating power, the Sun Rune is neutral in alignment.
  • Ironically, the Sun Rune has a design that combines the Moon Rune, the Rune of the Beginning, and the Star Rune.
  • It is unknown how Marscal Godwin could use the Sun Rune during the last encounter between the royal army and the army of the prince.
  • The Sun Rune is the True Rune that showed the most destructive power in the series, causing the complete annihilation of the entire continent in the southern hemisphere in Suikoden (Ancient Armes Dynasty events).
    • The True Fire Rune destroyed a significant part of the Grasslands, but not all of the Northern Continent.
    • The True Water Rune caused effects on the Sindar ruins, but they were only ice crystals.
    • The Rune of Punishment destroyed entire fleets of ships.
  • It is unknown whether Dawn, Sun and Twilight runes are the sources of the three phases of the day. 
  • Sun Rune, and Gate Rune along with the power of 108 stars of destiny have been able to heal and revive the characters.



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