Taisuke is the Chiretsu Star in Suikoden IV.



Taisuke is an expert bathmaker.





During the Island Liberation War, Taisuke went to the Deserted Island to look for natural springs of water. After he saw the spring on the cave of the Deserted Island, he removed his clothes and left them outside the cave. He soaked himself in the spring and then he forgot his clothes. Razro, the young leader of the Island Liberation Navy entered the spring and saw Taisuke. Taisuke asked Razro to get his clothes. After Lazlo got his clothes, he joined the Island Liberation Navy.

While he was on board on the Dauntless, he made a bathhouse and acts as a maintainer and the keeper of the bathhouse. After the war, he traveled throughout the land, building luxurious bath houses everywhere he went.

Taisuke's BathEdit

  • Taisuke build a bath inside the Dauntless.
  • The bath is in the 3rd Deck of the Dauntless.
  • The fun part in Suikoden IV is that some characters of it have a bath scene.

Here are the list of people who have a bath scene.
Note: To activate the Bath Scene you need to bring the people in you party.

Role in the GameEdit

After your headquarters is launched into the sea, return to the Deserted Island cavern and speak with Taisuke. After speaking with him, attempt to leave; he will eventually request that you bring over his clothes. After doing this, leave the cavern and then return to speak with Taisuke once more.

Taisuke opens a bath once upon your ship and allows you to decorate it with the various pots and ornaments you've collected and to change the background's mural to the various islands you've been to.

Naval Status
Captain No Gunner Yes Fighter No
Underlings 0
As Captain of the Ship
Mobility None Hull None Move None
Range None
If Defeated by Rune Cannon:
If Defeated by Bording or Surrender:
As Rune Cannon Gunner
Element Fire Water Lightning Wind Earth
Strength 5 - - - -

  • Keen: You have done well by coming here. In this room, you may confess what is in your heart and accept proper judgement.
Taisuke: Sure thing, bring it on.
  • Keen: Would you secretly inform me about anyone on board this ship who you think is causing problems?
Taisuke: Oh, those two, Jango and Brec! They rarely take a bath, but when they do, they make such a mess! Because of that, after they bathe, I have to drain the water and clean up! Sheesh, I wish they'd take care of it...
  • Keen: Then, would you tell me what you think of Razro?
Taisuke: He's good, when it comes to how to use the bath and stuff. Yeah...
  • Keen: Finally, quietly confess the things you wish to atone for, or all the things that you are thankful for.
Taisuke: Let me think... I'm grateful that they always secure a lot of water for the bath. My mission is to use that water to prepare baths that couldn't possibly be any better!
  • Keen: Then, I shall pass judgement!

Taisuke: Hmm? Ah... Nice, nice, it's very tasteful. Then I'll be going now...

Taisuke: Wha...!! what the heck is this?!

Baths are nice! I've always got a fresh bath ready! You can take a dip as often as you want in the day!

If you want a different kind of bath, just let me know. You can get a fresh feel just by changing murals!

Mr. Razro, you can place anything you want on the stand in the bath room!


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