Teien (テイエン) is a location in Suikoden.


One of the quieter town in the Kunan region, Teien boasts a port directly on Lake Toran, allowing people to easily travel to all corners of Toran from it. During the Toran Liberation War, Teien was renamed "Lac Virginite" by General Milich Oppenheimer who was in control of the region at that time, but the new name was widely criticized by the townspeople. When the Liberation Army took over Lac Virginite, the name was restored to Teien.

Teien is also home to some skilled persons, among them the scientist Kamandol and Gen the shipwright. Both helped Tir and his group when they tried to cross the Dunan Rapids. Hellion, a powerful magician who lived here, was also an important asset to the Liberation Army.


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