A cover featuring all the Chief Star of Heaven including their confidants.

The Tenkai Star (tenkai boshi 天魁星) is the first star of the 108 Stars of Destiny; as a result, it is known as the Chief Star of Heaven. Throughout the Suikoden series, the Tenkai Star serves as a rallying symbol and is the one responsible for gathering the 108 Stars of Destiny.

The Tenkai Star is usually the silent protagonist of the game; the exception is Thomas from Suikoden III and Hero from The Woven Web of a Century, who still serves the purpose of the Tenkai Star by being the one who gathers the other 108 Stars of Destiny at Budehuc Castle.

The original Tenkai Star, from the novel Water Margin, was Song Jiang, also known as Kongming, Filial and Righteous Dark Third Son, Timely Rain, and Protector of Righteousness. Jiang was a historical person from China's Song dynasty, transformed into a legendary folk hero like Robin Hood even before the novel was written. Like his counterparts in the games, Song Jiang led a band of rebels with a stronghold in the middle of a wetland, gathering the other 107 stars to him.

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