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Teo McDohl

The flow of time... cannot be reversed.

Teo McDohl appears in Suikoden.



Teo McDohl, also known as the General of One-Hundred Victories, is one of Barbarossa Rugner's Six Great Generals. He is highly respected by Barbarossa and the citizens of the Empire. He has a son named Tir McDohl.

Teo can rarely be found in his home in Gregminster due to his work as the empire's general.





During the Scarlet Moon Succession War, he helped Barbarossa to defeat his enemies by using armored cavalry mounted on Gul-Horses. Due to his success with this strategy, he became widely famous. Teo's wife died after giving birth to his son. When Tir was a very young boy, he was kidnapped by Geil Rugner's forces and they threatened Teo to remove the armor from the armored cavalry, if he wants to see his son again. Luckily, Gremio succeeded to save Tir, and Geil Rugner's forces, led by General Schmidt, were simply defeated by Teo's armored cavalry. Even after Barbarossa started to neglect his duty to his nation, he still continued to serve him.

Teo found a child, named Ted, who was wandering alone on the battlefield during the Scarlet-Jowston War and he took the child to his home. Instead of sleeping in the house of the McDohls, Ted decided to sleep in a nearby house but he usually spent his time with them. Teo assist Sonya Shulen with everything that she needed when she inherited the position as the head of the Scarlet Moon Empire Naval Forces from her mother. Sonya valued Teo and as the time passed Sonya's feeling for Teo grew and, eventually, the two became lovers.

Teo was sent by Barbarosa to the northern part of the Scarlet Moon Empire for the disputes with the United City-States of Jowston. Before he left, he stayed at the house of Sonya for a while and he spent the rest of his day at home with the rest of the McDohl Family's household. While he was away, Tir started his first job as Imperial Soldier and learned about the corruption of the ruler of the empire, got involved with one of The 27 True Runes, became a fugitive, meeting the rebel leader named Odessa Silverberg and became the leader of the rebel group who fought against the empire. This caused Teo to fight against his own son.

The battle between Teo and his son was unavoidable. Teo attacked the headquarters of the Liberation Army, the Toran Castle. On the first battle, Teo's armored cavalry easily defeated the Liberation Army and retreated with the help of Pahn. On the second battle though, the Liberation Army had Fire Spears and burned down Teo's armored cavalry.

After the defeat, Teo challenged his son on a One on One Duel. After a difficult battle, Teo was defeated and on his last breath, Teo gave his blessing to his son's choice and requested to Alen and Grenseal to join the Liberation Army and help Tir in his fight against empire. He also told Tir, that the greatest happiness a father can experience is to see his son surpass his own father. His death unlocks the Soul Eater's Level 3 spell, Hell.


  • If the duel with Teo using Pahn was a loss, he will have the same amount of health as in the end of the previous duel. Otherwise, he will have full health in the duel with Pahn and half health in the duel with Tir (The Hero).


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