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    Hello my fellow suikoden fans!

    Ok so I am going to drop some cool stuff on your faces. If you are like me, you love suikoden but you also love games like pathfinder, dungeons and dragons, etc. and have been wondering how to combine these two loves. well lucky for all you knuckleheads, I have been working for roughly two years on and off to create a massive, all encompassing tabletop game built in the suikoden world around mechanics that the game pioneered. at the present time, I have roughly 223 pages in the core rulebook, about 61,887 words. It is far from finished and considering all the blood sweat and tears ive put into it, im more than nervous about releasing it in its current form.

        All this is basically to say I love the game and am closing in an finishing the core manual and would love to hear from all of you about things you would want to see in a game environment like this. What are your favorite things that would translate well into a tabletop? What mechanics would you all, being hardcore fans, love to see in the game? Easter eggs? anything really. Once I get enough input and finish the thing out I will make it available to everyone here first.

    So I'm sure some of the basic question I should answer are: I originally found an outdated not even half finished manual in pdf form of a game built in this world. I took that manual, mangled it beyond recognition and made it my own. Also shout out to Matthew Bloise who created the original manual which became my stone to chisel.

    The game functions in a d12 system and does have rules for duels and war battles as well. players have 7 main attributes of Power, Intelligence, Speed, Skill, Magic, Magic Defense, and Luck. these are all "graded" on a scale from 1 - 12 corresponding to the d12 system with a range of F(12), D(11), C-(10), C(9), C+(8), B-(7), B(6), B+(5), A-(4), A(3), A+(2), S(2). (kinda like suikoden III ehhhhh??!)

    Under these attributes players gain access to talents also on this grading scale such as magic absorption, Counter attack, sneak, even elevator repair and maintenance! To use talents, players roll a D12 and must match or exceed the corresponding talent grade numeric value to succeed(with some exceptions). for instance, if a player has the Parry talent of grade C-(10) they must roll at least a 10 to succeed.

    Please, inundate me with questions if your interested. I have created systems for so many things but I want to make sure I don't miss anything!!! I'll make sure to add your user names to the rulebook as contributors/creators for those who help me out!

    Currently I have fleshed out rules for weapons, armor, runes, duels, war battles, crafting/professions, character creation, combat, and headquarters and recruitment.

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    • I hope you put it out there when you are finished!

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