Events of the Suikoden Timeline are measured by the Harmonian Solar Year Calendar system, as opposed to the Falenan New Capital Calendar. This list covers the major events in Suikoden I, II and III.[1].



In Solis -375Edit

Sierra becomes the "Original Vampire" by the power of the Moon Rune.

In Solis -2Edit

The Hero, Hikusaak, defeats the Kingdom of Aronia and establishes the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia.

In Solis 0Edit

Hikusaak becomes High Priest and begins his theocratic rule. The Solar Year (In Solis) adopted.

In Solis 20Edit

Clift the Crusader founded the Warriors' Village. Klimut taught as the "Warrior's Philosophy" starts to be carried on.

IS 70?Edit

Harmonia massacres the Gate Rune Clan, Windy and Leknaat divide the Gate Rune and flee.

IS 78Edit

Neclord steals the Moon Rune and flees from the Blue Moon Village.

IS 80Edit

"The Great Contract" is issued between Kobolds, Dwarves, and Elves in the Great Forest to set boundaries between each group.

IS 110Edit

The Dunan Kingdom is established with South Window City as its capital. The first King is Bernand.

IS 157Edit

Windy attacks the Village of the Hidden Rune.

IS 160Edit

Wilder, a rural noble in the Nameless Lands, becomes the first human to slay a vampire.

IS 185Edit

Muse City is established based on the mayor system. The first mayor is Revier.

IS 212Edit

A Senate and Congress is formed at Two River City and starts to govern the surrounding area. The New Capital Calendar is established and their dates begin from this point.

IS 230Edit

The Scarlet Moon Empire secedes from Harmonia by taking advantage of internal conflict. The first emperor is Kranach Rugner. The Sovereign Rune becomes the Rugner family's heirloom.

IS 237Edit

Maroux Blight, who crushed the internal rebelion within Harmonia is granted his own land, and he establishes the Highland Kingdom.

IS 238Edit

Joshua Levenheit is born.

IS 239Edit

Warlock is born.

IS 243Edit

Keen is born.

IS 244Edit

Bang is born.

IS 245Edit

The Governor of El-Eal is born.

IS 247Edit

Schtolteheim Reinbach II and Deborah are born.

IS 251Edit

Konrad is born.

IS 252Edit

Rebellion within the Kingdom of Dunan. Highland invades Eastern South Window (currently under Muse's rule). The rebels win and South Window City is formed with a mayor as its leader. In this year was Elenor Silverberg born.

IS 257Edit

Izak and Setsu are born.

IS 259Edit

Pecola is born.

IS 260Edit

Gary is born.

IS 261Edit

Jango is born.

IS 262Edit

Ornan, Gareth and Oskar are born.

IS 263Edit

Ema, Igor and Lino are born.

IS 264Edit

Charlemagne and Oleg are born.

IS 266Edit

Gau and Manu are born.

IS 267Edit

Gunter and Reinhold are born.

IS 268Edit

Brec is born.

IS 270Edit

Nabokov, Martin and Pam are born.

IS 271Edit

Shiramine and Taisuke are born.

IS 272Edit

Kevin, Phil and Dario are born.

IS 273Edit

Troy and Karl are born.

IS 274Edit

Mao and Lo Seng are born.

IS 275Edit

Helga, Bartholomew, Miranda and Micky are born.

IS 276Edit

Ramada, Ugetsu, Selma and Rikie are born.

IS 277Edit

Schtolteheim Reinbach III, Katarina Cott, Tov, Nao and Desmond are born.

IS 278Edit

Lilon and Peck are born.

IS 279Edit

Yu, Maxine, Kate, Trishtan and Ornela are born.

IS 280Edit

To counter Highland's military strength, the Matilda Knights are formed with the financial support of Muse. Knights in surrounding areas join.

Frederica, Busk, Helmut and Jeremy are born.

IS 281Edit

Perrault, Axel, Haruto are born.

IS 282Edit

Hervey, Travis, Sigurd, Pablo and Gretchen are born.

IS 283Edit

Chadli, Lo Fong, Tal and Aldo are born.

IS 284Edit

Rachel is born.

IS 285Edit

Etienne, Mizuki, Lilen and Akaghi are born.

IS 286Edit

Nalkul, Adrienne and Ameria are born.

IS 287Edit

Carrie, Flare, Cedric, Tanya, Paula and Funghi are born.

IS 288Edit

Millay, Nico, Nataly, Snowe Vingerhut and Chiepoo are born.

IS 291Edit

Sigfried is born.

IS 294Edit

Matilda Knights gain independence from Muse Rule. Land Reform to equalize the cost of land in the Matilda Knight's Land and the land that belonged to the knights in Muse is issued.

IS 295Edit

Noah and Rakgi are born.

IS 298Edit

Corselia is born.

IS 299Edit

Human-Hunting, Border Village Destroyed.

IS 302Edit

Kooluk Empire Invade Island Nations. Island Liberation War begins.

IS 307Edit

The exiled knight of Razril Lazlo lead the Island Liberation Navy to victory. The Island Liberation War ends and the Island Nations Federation is formed.

IS 309Edit

Kooluk Empire Dissolves.

IS 314Edit

Muse, South Window, Two River, and Matilda Knights form the Jowston Alliance. The name comes from the Jowston Hill where the alliance was signed.

IS 340Edit

Crowley and Mazus have a magical duel, resulting in great destruction. (This is not an error, even though Mazus isn't born until IS 384)

IS 345Edit

Crowley is born.

IS 347Edit

Soniere Prison completed.

IS 353Edit

Chief of Dwarf Village is born.

IS 362Edit

The Grand Leaf Academy is built in Greenhill City, which belongs to Muse. Alen Wisemail is its originator.

IS 364Edit

Geddoe is born.

IS 365Edit

The Palace of L'Renouille is finished. Chief of the Village of Elves is born.

IS 366Edit

The self-governing Tinto Miners Guild becomes the core bureaucratic structure for Tinto City and joins the Jowston Alliance.

IS 370Edit

Scarleticia Castle is completed.

IS 373Edit

Greenhill insists upon the "independence of higher learning." Uriah, the mayor of Muse approves this and Greenhill gains independence.

IS 374Edit

Mazus is born.

IS 378Edit

After all bureaucratic structures are moved to Greenhill, Greenhill is admitted entrance into the Jowston Alliance.

IS 384Edit

Wyatt Lightfellow is born.

IS 385Edit

Abizboah is born.

IS 388Edit

Hellion is born.

IS 389Edit

Taki is born.

IS 392Edit

Grand Leaf Academy is reformed. The position of principal is no longer the hereditary right of the Wisemail family but is instead changed to a democratic election system. With this reform, the name of the academy is changed to New Leaf Academy.

IS 393Edit

L'Roladia is born.

IS 394Edit

Tenkou is born.

IS 395Edit

Fukien is born.

IS 396Edit

Han Cunningham and Maximillian are born.

IS 398Edit

Jabba and Mace are born.

IS 401Edit

Kun To is born.

IS 403Edit

Onil and Kamandol are born.

IS 406Edit

Barbarossa Rugner is born.

IS 407Edit

Moravia Castle completed.

A Grasslander known as the Flame Champion begins a guerilla campaign against Harmonia with the help of his True Fire Rune and the Fire Bringer, a group of bandits he formed. Thusly First Fire Bringer War begins.

IS 408Edit

Agares Blight and Kai are born.

IS 409Edit

Granmeyer and Zorak are born.

IS 411Edit

Martha is born.

To face the Fire Bringer's guerilla actions within the conquered lands, Harmonia sent a force to subjugate them. However, said force was led into the middle of mountains and was exterminated in an ambush.

IS 412Edit

Warren, Sanchez, and Leon Silverberg are born.

IS 414Edit

Kiba Windamier, Gustav, Blackman, and Piccolo are born.

IS 415Edit

Kasim Hazil, Teo McDohl and Rubi are born.

The Fire Bringer snuck into Harmonia's Temple and they successfully escaped while taking the True Water Rune with them.

IS 416Edit

Gantetsu, Kessler, Moose, and Lepant are born.

IS 417Edit

After ten years of war and some gains, the Flame Champion gives himself up to Harmonia in exchange for 5000 Grasslands prisoners. In his absence, the Fire Bringer lose power over many villages they had conquered.

Ain Gide is born.

IS 418Edit

Hauser is born.

IS 419Edit

Adlai, Stallion, Tetsu, Marie, and Lester are born.

The war between Grasslands and Harmonia's rebellion force against Harmonia reached its climax. The Fire Bringer lost due to the absence of their leader. Many clans and towns who were known to aid the rebels were burnt down, and many of the people had their social status stripped away and turned into slaves.

IS 420Edit

Zexen Confederacy and Zexen Knights are formed. Construction begins on Brass Castle.

Georg Prime, Milich Oppenheimer, and Ledon are born.

IS 421Edit

The Fire Bringer break the Flame Champion out of Harmonian prison and help him regain his True Fire Rune. The war flares up again.

Zen, Mose, Hanzo, and Lebrante are born.

IS 422Edit

Brass Castle is completed.

Antonio, Gijimu, Kirkis, Kwanda Rosman, Giovanni, and Kraze are born.

The Fire Bringer and Grasslanders once again waged war against Harmonia. In the middle of the battle, a mysterious explosion occured. Both Harmonia and Grasslanders suffered great casualties.

IS 423Edit

Gaspar, Kreutz, Gordon, Sergei, Badeaux, and Mathiu Silverberg are born.

IS 424Edit

Harmonia escalates the Fire Bringer War by sending a large force into the Grasslands, but their army, along with that of the Fire Bringer, is mostly decimated by the massive explosion caused by the Flame Champion losing control of his rune.

Grady, Genshu, Gorudo, Tai Ho, Tsai, Tessai, Varkas, and Dominic are born.

IS 425Edit

Harmonia signs a 50 year non-aggression pact with the Grasslands, ending the Fire Bringer War.

Alex, Kanak, Kanaan, Gilbert, Chandler, and Barbara are born.

IS 426Edit

Eileen, Kimberley, Chapman, Humphrey Mintz, Fu Su Lu, Mondo, and Richmond are born.

IS 427Edit

Anabelle, Vincent De Boule, Eikei, Tesla, Huan, and Leonardo are born.

IS 428Edit

King Robert Blight orders Han Cunningham, General of the Highland 1st army, to attack Jowston. Darell, the Mayor of Muse, seeks asylum in South Window. Genkaku leads the left-over forces of Muse and starts guerilla tactics.

Ivanov, Hans, Hilda and Long Chan Chan are born.

IS 429Edit

Kahn Marley, Simone Verdricci, Pahn, Viktor, Fitcher, Meese, and Leona are born.

IS 430Edit

Alberto, Anji, Cleo, Solon Jhee, Fuma, Makai, Wang/Joker, Luce, and Ridley Wizen are born.

IS 431Edit

Killey, Griffith, Krin, Gremio, Sonya Shulen, Taggart, Rock, Mua, Guillaume, and Sebastian are born.

IS 432Edit

The Allied Forces led by Genkaku goes on the "Great Offensive." Greenhill and Matilda is won back. Genkaku donates money to buy land in Two River for the Wingers who lost their home in Tinto.

Anita, Emilia, Odessa, Kage, Kirke, Culgan, Gen, Zamza, Juppo, Valeria, Hanna, and Rowd are born.

IS 433Edit

Alen, Sancho, Georges, Sylvina, Flik, Yam Koo, Lo Wen, and Lorelai are born.

IS 434Edit

Genkaku and Han Cunningham initiate truce. However, fighting breaks out over a small land east of Highland. Genkaku and Han have a duel and Genkaku loses and is cast out of the Alliance.

Window, Oulan, Camus, Clive, Grenseal, Sansuke, Shin, Teresa Wisemail, Hai Yo, Beecham, and Luca Blight are born.

IS 435Edit

Amada, Kasios, Seed, Shu, Miklotov, Jefferson, and Twaikin are born.

IS 436Edit

Esmeralda, Sydonia, Freed Yamamoto, Bob, Maas, and Rikimaru are born.

IS 437Edit

Jess, Shilo, Pico, Milia, Nicolas, and Morgan are born.

IS 438Edit

Feather and Yoshino are born.

IS 439Edit

Jude, Sarah, Ronnie Bell, Lucia, Leo, and Nash are born.

IS 440Edit

Camille, Sid, Hugo, Billy, and Hallec are born.

IS 441Edit

Tir McDohl, Hix, Ace, Wan Fu, Eike, Kenji, Gordon, and Dupa are born.

IS 442Edit

Kasumi, Quincy, Klaus Windamier, Kuromimi, Sheena, Tony, Augustine Nabor, and Marlowe are born.

IS 443Edit

A group of Highland Royalty marching close to the Highland border is attacked by a gang of ruffians. It is said these ruffians are rebels, but are later found to have been hired by Darel, the mayor of Muse. Agares Blight escaped safely, but Queen Sara and Luca were taken hostage. However, Han Cunningham led a squad to defeat their captors.

Apple, Kinnison, Tengaar, Gon, Melodye, Rina, Lotte, Toppo, and Duke are born.

IS 444Edit

Eilie, Annallee, Ayda, Karen, Sasarai, Jowy Atreides, Boris Wizen, Mina, Luc, Elaine, and Salome born.

IS 445Edit

Koyu, Jillia Blight, Nanami, Nina, Hoi, Bolgan, Marco, Meg, and Queen are born.

IS 446Edit

The Scarlet Moon Succession War breaks out between Barbarossa Rugner and Geil Rugner. Initially, Geil had the upper hand, but with the help of Leon Silverberg and the Six Great Generals, Barbarossa defeated Geil.

Wakaba is born.

IS 447Edit

Tinto takes advantage of Scarlet Moon's civil war and attacks but Barbarossa, along with the Six Great Generals and Leon Silverberg, manages to beat them back.

Gengen, Chaco, Templeton, Tomo, Futch, Millie, Bazba, Estella, Dios, and Sgt. Joe are born.

IS 448Edit

The Kalekka Incident. Vice-Strategist Mathiu Silverberg leaves the Imperial Army.

Qlon, Sasuke, and Yuiri are born.

IS 449Edit

North Window is destroyed by Neclord.

Sun Rune War start.

Connell, Mio, Reed, Anne, and Shiba are born.

IS 450Edit

Sun Rune War end.

Gabocha, Tuta, Franz, Samus, Percival, Gau, Roland, Mike, and Yumi are born.

IS 451Edit

Yuzu, Borus, Ayame, and Iku are born.

IS 452Edit

Shiro, Watari, Peggi, and Albert Silverberg are born.

IS 453Edit

Odessa Silverberg forms the Liberation Army. The Gate Rune Wars / Liberation Wars Start.

Barts and Fred are born.

IS 454Edit

Lilly Pendragon, Jacques, Rhett, Muto, and Chris Lightfellow are born.

IS 455Edit

The Rebel's Hideout at Lenankamp is attacked by the Imperial Army and the Liberation Army was destroyed. Odessa Silverberg dies in this attack. The Liberation Army is reformed establishes its Headquarters at the Castle of Toran, with Tir McDohl as the leader.

Pilika, Makumaku, Mikumiku, Mukumuku, Mokumoku, Mekumeku, Wilder, and Shizu are born.

IS 456Edit

By the strategy of Mathiu Silverberg, Tinto and South Window occupy the northern area (Senan) of the Scarlet Moon empire.

Landis is born.

IS 457Edit

The son of Teo McDohl leads the Liberation Army to victory. The Scarlet Moon Empire is destroyed and the Toran Republic is formed. The first President is Lepant.

Juan, Edge, Sarah, Nei, Goro, and Scott are born.

IS 458Edit

Toran Republic starts a campaign to regain the northern lands occupied by the armies of Tinto and South Window. Commander-in-Chief Kwanda Rosman along with Kasim Hazil and Sonya Schulen participates in this campaign. They push back South Window first and defeat Tinto as well. This causes friction between Tinto and South Window. Seeing this, Highland increases military activity around Jowston's border with ???.

Genkaku dies. Gadget is created. Kathy is born.

IS 459Edit

Mamie and Caesar Silverberg are born.

IS 460Edit

Luca Blight invades Jowston and the Dunan Unification War begins. Anabelle, the mayor of Muse City, is assassinated and Muse falls to Highland Kingdom. South Window City falls to Highland and mayor Granmeyer is executed. Remnants of Muse City and South Window band together to establish their Headquarters at the old North Window Castle with Riou as their leader to resist further invasion by the Highland Army, and gain victory over the Highland Kingdom. The regions of Jowston and Highland, excluding the Tinto Republic, are united into the Dunan Republic.

Chuchura, Thomas, Bright, Sharon, Emily, and Aila are born.

IS 461Edit

Hortez VII, Fubar, Arthur, Louis, Mel, Rody, and Hugo are born.

IS 462Edit

Rico and Sanae Y are born.

IS 463Edit

Yun, Ernie, Belle, and Cecile are born.

IS 464Edit

Kidd, Alanis, Melville, and Elliot are born.

IS 470Edit

50 year anniversary of the foundation of the Zexen Federation.

Shabon is born.

IS 471Edit

Ruby is born.

IS 472Edit

Harmonia incites an uprising within the Higheast region of Dunan, formerly known as Highland. In response to the attack, Shu, the prevailing strategist of the Dunan Unification War, incites a civil war within Harmonia. Harmonia withdraws from Dunan to quell the civil war, and Higheast remains a territory of Dunan.

IS 474Edit

Koroku is born. Gadget Z is created.

IS 475Edit

The Lizard and Karaya Clans in the Grasslands ambush the Zexen Knights at a peace treaty negotiations at the Amur Plains following the Lizard Chief Zepon's murder, and fighting between the Grasslands and Zexen continues. Meanwhile, Harmonia attacks the Grasslands, capturing the Safir Clan and attempting to invade the Chisha Clan. In response, a young Grasslander boy named Hugo gains control of the True Fire Rune and becomes the new Flame Champion. After some hesitation, the Grasslands and the Zexen Knights are united under this new banner and the Second Fire Bringer War begins. The Fire Bringer suffer initial defeats but then drive the Harmonians under Bishop Sasarai from Brass Castle. Luc, another Harmonian Bishop, gains control of all five True Elemental Runes in an attempt to destroy his True Wind Rune, and Sasarai's Harmonian forces switch sides to help the Fire Bringer face Luc and his forces, who are soon defeated.


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