A complex net of mines which stretch out under the mountains of the Tinto region, the Tinto Mines are one of the few sources of work and revenue of the Tinto Republic. They are mined mostly for Water Gems and coal. One known entrance of the mines is located between Tigermouth and Crom and the tunnels lead as far as Tinto City. During the Dunan Unification War, Riou and his entourage were forced to travel through the mines to reach and free Tinto City which had fallen under the rule of the vampire Neclord and his zombies. The mines had become filled with legions of undead monsters due to the presence of Neclord in the area. While Riou and company passed through here to get into Tinto, Sierra sensed a presence and a large Stone Golem attacked the party. After defeating it, Sierra scoffed at Neclord's tactic in leaving a trap like that, and the party pressed on.

It is also one of the great mage Mazus' favourite places for meditating and training, likely aggravating many players because of the thought of having to trek all the way back through here to pick him up.

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