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The Tinto Republic, officially known as the Republic of Tinto, is located to the southwest of Dunan Lake, south of Two River City. It is in the central-west area of the Northern Continent; south of the Grasslands, west of the Dunan Republic, and east of the Zexen Confederacy.



Tinto's land, pre-expansion, had been known for its dry and arid nature, partly due to its own wasteful mining methods, leading to the need for crop imports from surrounding nations.


Its culture and customs draw from several sources including the period of Jowston membership, its attempts at western expansion into the Grasslands, and its unique socialist government. A popular dish in the area is the Tintoburger, in which they add Mayonnaise to their Hamburgers, rather than the standard mustard or ketchup, apparently.


Tinto's expansionist policies are not to gain land for financial gain. The country generates great revenue through mining, especially with the mining of Water Gems, which are a very important magical material, used for, amongst other things, the creation of rune crystals. As a city-state, Tinto was very small and had little farmable land. As such, its expansion is intended to providing living space and enough food for the nation to not over-rely on foreign imports.

History and LoreEdit

In the year 366, the mining town of Tinto, located in the far south-eastern reaches of the Grasslands became an independent city-state by using the Tinto Miner's Guild core bureaucratic structure, setting in place the foundation of the very same government that run the Tinto Republic today. That same year Tinto joined the Jowston Alliance.

Tinto contributed as a member of the City-States of Jowston for many years, contributing mostly in terms of financial aid but also with troops to help push back the Highland Kingdom invasion of the Dunan region. In 432, the strip mining that made Tinto such a financial powerhouse began to have a detrimental effect on the land, forcing the Winged Horde to leave Tinto. The race eventually relocated to Two River City.

In 447, the southern regions of the Jowston Alliance, Tinto and South Window launched an attack on the Scarlet Moon Empire. The Jowston forces attacked in the Dana region, taking Kalekka while the nation was preoccupied with its War of Succession. Emperor Barbarossa, along with the Six Great Generals and the tactician Leon Silverberg, managed to push them back across the border.

Eyes still set on Scarlet Moon, Jowston proved easy to manipulate during the height of the Toran Liberation War. In the year 456, in order to defeat Kasim Hazil's forces at Moravia Castle, Mathiu Silverberg sent a letter to the Alliance, informing them of a (false) Scarlet Moon Empire plot to attack them. In response, Tinto and South Window sent their troops into Senan, diverting Kasim Hazil's forces toward them. Kasim Hazil soon surrendered to the Toran Liberation Army and Senan fell under the control of Jowston.

In 458, after the collapse of the Scarlet Moon Empire and the formation of the Toran Republic, the new nation went to war with the forces of Tinto and South Window which still occupied Senan. Eventually, South Window's forces withdraw by the order of Lord Granmeyer, and without their support, Tinto soon withdrew as well. This caused friction between Tinto and South Window and led in part to the eventual demise of the Jowston Alliance.

After the collapse of the Jowston Alliance, the various city-states were in disarray until rallied under the New State Army. After Highland was defeated and a sense of normality was restored to the Dunan area, the Tinto Republic was founded, rather than Tinto joining the Dunan Republic. The reasoning behind this was that Tinto's priorities differed vastly from those of its former allies to the east due to its isolated location to the west and as such Tinto felt as if it could best address its concerns alone.

Over the years since the foundation of the Tinto Republic, the nation's borders have expanded rapidly to the west and north across its natural border of the Lana River. This has brought Tinto into direct conflict with the Zexen Confederacy as well as the tribes of the Grasslands on numerous occasions.

Tinto invaded the Grasslands in 465 with its army led by Gijimu, initially to quell an uprising that occurred within Tinto's newly acquired lands. The Grasslanders responded, specifically the forces of the Karaya, Lizard, and Duck clans. It is unknown how this war ended, but it is likely that Tinto gained some territory--enough to allow a border skirmish to occur between itself and Zexen in the future.

475 saw Tinto aid the Fire Bringer, a loose coalition of nations and tribes, in its defense of the Grasslands region from Harmonian aggression. Eventually, powerful magicians leading a group called the "Destroyers" threatened the peace of the Grasslands, and Harmonia joined the Fire Bringer to fight against this menace. The Destroyers were eventually defeated. Following the war, each nation made a commitment to strengthen ties between each other.

In 478, Tinto clashed with the forces of the Zexen Confederacy in a border skirmish igniting a short-lived Zexen-Tinto War. This war soon expanded to include the Grassland clans, especially the Lizard Clan of the Great Hollow. This lead to the war being referred to as "the 4th Grassland War", as well. The conflict eventually petered out, with no lasting solution reached by any of the nations involved which seems to point to further attempts at expansion from Tinto and therefore further instability for the region.


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