Toran Castle level 4

Castle of Toran

"There's an abandoned castle in the middle of Lake Toran that I believe would be perfect for our purposes."
—Mathiu, Suikoden

The Castle of Toran is a location in Suikoden. It is located in the middle of Lake Toran, and eventually becomes Tir McDohl's headquarters.

Following the death of Odessa Silverberg and the subsequent establishment of the Liberation Army, Tir journeys to Seika where he is instructed by Mathiu Silverberg to claim the castle as their new fortress. Tir and his party would need a boat to travel to the isolated castle. In Kaku, Tir encounters Tai Ho who agrees to pilot the party if he can win a match of Chinchirorin. As soon as the zombie dragon was defeated, the Castle of Toran officially belonged to the Liberation Army.

Originally used as a naval fortress by the Scarlet Moon Empire, it was abandoned shortly after the completion of Shasarazade. Pirates had often tried to claim the fortress as their hideout. Eventually, Sonya Shulen summoned a zombie dragon to scare away the intruders.

The castle underwent massive repairs as the population steadily grew. Some of the repairs included the creation of bridges to connect the castle’s outer towers and the fixing of floors that were previously uninhabitable. As news spread about the spruced-up castle, businesses became attracted to the idea of establishing shops within its walls and many dissenters of the Scarlet Moon Empire considered it home over the course of the Gate Rune War. The Liberation Army abandoned the Castle of Toran after the war and moved to Gregminster to oversee matters relevant to the newly-established Toran Republic. Although most residents also left the Castle of Toran following the war, some people like Qlon stayed to maintain the premises.


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