Two River City (トウーリバー市) is a location in Suikoden II.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Two River is a city located to the west of Lakewest Town and Dunan Lake. It is is one of the 5 major State cities, the others being Muse City, South Window City, Greenhill City, and Tinto City.

History and Lore[edit | edit source]

Dunan Monarchy[edit | edit source]

Two River City was one of the founding principalities of the Dunan Monarchy, established under King Bernand in 110. The Two River City area did not stay under their rule for long; by the year 212, it had declared itself an autonomous region, setting up a congress and senate to govern the area. This autonomy would last for nearly one hundred years before becoming reorganized as a principality within the City-States of Jowston in 314.

Internal Conflicts[edit | edit source]

Unlike many of the other City-States, Two River City did not share a border with another nation prior to Tinto's separation from the rest of the states following the Dunan Unification War. As such, it's problem has been less about foreign nationals, but its own citizens. The racial make-up of the principality had left much uneasiness and aggression, as Wingers and even Kobolds could be discriminated against.

Racial relations in Two River City were made even more complicated in SY 432, when General Genkaku donated money to buy land in Two River City to relocate the Winged Horde of Tinto, as strip mining had made their original homelands all but unlivable. Eventually, they settled into a strip of land between the two branches of the Lana River. The citizens living in Two River City prior to their arrival tended to view Wingers as suspicious, and consequently, the citizens living within the Winger section of Two River City became poorer than those around it, and were far more often discriminated against.

The region saw little bickering with the other city-states; Two River City nearly went to war with South Window in SY 314, following rumours that Two River City had been responsible for destroying North Window. An investigative team of Anabelle, Viktor, and Zamji managed to uncover the scheme, hatched by South Window weapons merchants in time to prevent any bloodshed.

Dunan Unification War[edit | edit source]

Sometime during the war, an incident occured here involving a Winger pickpocket named Chaco, who delayed the progress of Riou's group by leading them on a chase all around the Winger district. It was eventually discovered that a horrible monster was living under the city, the Pest Rat, which was eventually disposed of. Following this, Riou immediately returned to the human district to see General Kiba and a company of Highland soldiers in the city.

Two River City voluntarily agreed to surrender to the Highland Kingdom during the Dunan Unification War, making a deal preserving the autonomy of the human section of Two River City in return for Highland Rule over the Kobold section, the main force of Two River City's military. Highland did not honor the pact, instead choosing to invade the region, before being expelled by the three districts of Two River City, and the Allied Army.

Two River pledged their support to the Allied Army afterwards, allowing Ridley Wizen and his troops to bolster the army's forces.After the different races banded together and successfully defended the city from the Highland soldiers after a small skirmish, a newly united Two River City joined with the Allied Army for the remainder of the war.

After the war, Two River City became one of the founding principalities of the newly formed Dunan Republic, following a role similar to the one it had once occupied during the foundation of the City-States of Jowston.

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