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Enemy (elemental) strengths / weakness

Elemental damage from Runes / Rune pieces will do double damage to enemies of the opposite type (e.g. Resurrection Rune versus Neclord). Physical attacks/command rune/Unite attacks will do 1.5x more damage.

Early bits playing Marco's minigame

In Rockland, Marco's betting game will always have a fixed result in a certain pattern per reset. Make a save file at the Inn, then play the minigame about 10 times (or more), recording the results of each round. Load the previously saved file and play the minigame following the results that were recorded. Quit before starting round 11, then play the minigame on. Do not reset the game or the pattern will change.

Early Wing boots

Using the Marco trick above (for bits), purchase Wing boots (high DEF and SPD boost) for female characters at the Gregminster item shop, those which can be used through the end of the game.

Water rune pieces

Water rune pieces are available early on from Killer Slimes at Mt. Tigerwolf. With 9 pieces set to a character's weapon, that character will recover 45 HP per turn.

Max bits with Gaspar's game

For Gaspar's game, make a save file, then play his minigame making max amount bets. Reset the game after losing.

Use unite attacks often

Pros and cons of using Unite attacks

  • Unite attacks never miss.
  • They are generally free to use at no cost.
  • Multi-target unites can defeat many enemies at once (Kai + Tir or Kirkis+ any elf).
  • Single target unites are usually very powerful (Kobold + 1 Attack x3 damage of all participants, Fisherman Attack x3, Beat Em' Up Attack x3).
  • Turn order is determined by the fastest character's SPD (e.g. Humphrey's Bumpy Attack is slow but Krin is fast, so the unite turn order is determined by Krin's SPD).
  • Unite attacks require certain characters to enable the command.
  • Some attacks cause Unbalanced.
  • They are unable to deal critical hits.