• Missables: Some characters, some treasure maps and some parts of equipment set are missable if you advance the game to a certain point
  • Rune slots: are entirely manipulated by character's MGC stats, almost everyone starts with righthand slot as default, with 60 MGC left hand slot will be unlocked and at 120 MGC head slot will be available. It means you can farm for magic stone in order to unlock 3 rune slots for ANY character you want.
  • Level 99: The best way is to do this in Reinhold trainning ground , regardless your level, after you went through his 5 battles, your party will likely gain enough EXP to level up once ( EXP scale by the highest level character in your active party. e.g: if you bring level 99 Razro with a level 50 character into the fights and that character always survives, he will reach level 99 after just 2 training sessions)
  • Equipment sets: when you equip full parts of a set on a character, most of them will provide an extra bonus. Note that each character can only equip a certain set, not all. Recommended sets:
  • Goblin Set DEF +114, SKL +04, MAG +13, EVA +12, SPD +06. Bonus: 20% damage
  • Guardian Set DEF +153, MAG +17, EVA +05, MDF +32. Bonus: 10% def and alert status at 4th turn
  • Hero Set DEF +166, STR/SKL/MAG/EVA/MDF/SPD/LUC +13. Bonus: Attack +10%, Skill +10%, Speed +10%
  • Magic Set DEF +49, MAG +14, MDF +13. Bonus: Magic +10%, All damage received -5%
  • Master Set : DEF +43, STR +05, SKL +07, EVA +03, SKL +03. Bonus: Attack +10%, Skill +20%, All damage received -5%
  • Ogre Set: DEF +60, STR +48, SKL +02. Bonus: Permanent Fury Status
  • Pirate King Set DEF +174, STR +10, SKL +10, EVA +05, SPD +14. Bonus: Defense +10%, Magic Defense +10%, Damage received from magic -10%
  • Warrior Set DEF +79, STR +02, SKL +11. Bonus: Attack +10%, Damage received from physical elemental attacks -10%
  • Navy war battles : If you're tired of playing around with elemental cannons. Gear up your crew and board enemies ships. Items and rune command aren't available in this mode but unite attacks and your passive runes are. With a strong unite powered up by gear set/damage modifier runes, the battle will end really quick.
  • Early Double Strike rune : this rune is buyable in rare finds of Item shop in Pirate's Nest.
  • Lightning magic ring : If you like to use thunder magic, then you wouldn't want to ignore lightning magic rings which boost thunder spells by 10% per ring. But the main component to craft these rings is Horn, a missable material. Only Bloody Behemoths on Iluya Island drop this but the annoying part is that they won't respawn anymore once you recruit Elena Silverberg. So better to farm for this before you advance the game.
  • Potch Farming:
  • Trading: recommended after you recruited Viki. Anyway, you have to unlock certain trade items through trading if you want materials to creat some equipment sets later.
  • Ancient Crab: You can start this method once you reach level 61+. Equip someone with slash rune and prosperity rune, put Noah in your support. Then teleport to Deserted Island, rune to the place where you fought Giant Crab to rescue Chiepoo earlier, the Ancient Crab will always respawn there. Slash everything in your way and even that boss, use blinking mirror to go back to your ship, then do the loop over and over, each run will net you around 100.000 potches and only cost about 3 minutes.
  • Unite/Combo attacks: Unlike other entries, the unites won't show up at the beginning. You must use a certain pack of characters together, after a few fights (the number is not random but varies depend on which unite) they will learn their unite attack (level 1)then keeps them in party and after some fights the unite attack will level up to level 2 then reaches max at level 3. Each level up boost power of the unite attack by 10%.
  • Elemental Rune Pieces: Max at 20 pieces/element. Just one element can have effect at a time as only the element with highest number of pieces will count so there's no point to put all kind of elemental pieces on a character. In case the numbers are equal, the last piece inserted will decide which element the weapon will have.
  • New Game+ preparation: you may want to keep some of your gear after the final battle, before embarking your ship, unequip everything then they will be kept in your inventory until NG+. For runes, there's no other way to save them but to unequip before the last boss fight.
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