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About MeEdit

About Me----
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Hey There! I'm Hotspot! I'm a fan of Anime, Video Games, Graphic Design, Art, Nature, Photography, Drawing, Creative Writing and much more! My favorite video games are Suikoden, Kya Dark Lineage and Chrono Cross.

This is a list of Wiki's that I frequent, or have a special interest in.
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Kya Dark Lineage Wiki Bureaucrat, sysop (Founder) Active
Suikoden Wiki Bureaucrat, sysop (Admin) Active
Saint October Wiki Bureaucrat, sysop (Adopter) "Magically Appears", "Magically Disappears"
Grim Grimoire Wiki Bureaucrat, sysop (Founder) "Inactive"
Yaoi Wiki User "Magically Appears", "Magically Disappears"
Chrono Trigger/Cross Wiki User Inactive

Suikoden is my favorite game series of all time, I recently realized my favorite Suikoden was II. But before then there was a never ending battle between II and V. Millie is my absolute favorite Suikoden character of all time; my other favorite characters are Cleo, Meg, Mel, Rita, Lu and Faylen.

I currently work in retail and I really need to get an office job because I can't stand people and retail stole my soul, I'm also very unproductive these days because of it.

I have a Suikoden, Kya Dark Lineage and Chrono forum if anyone wants to check it out.. It's not active at the moment because I'm lazy, but I do go on it all the time and so does my friend.. it's Suiko Kya Cross, just look it up on Google! It'll have a zetaboards link.

I was doing an rp with my friends and we went into the Suikoden world and well.. my friend made a joke about Esmeralda being lazy and complaining about everything.. so I went the extra mile and turned Esmeralda into a nut case.. but I liked the idea so much that I actually gave her a new personality and made my own Esmeralda.. and I'm currently making a game about her. XD But I'm trying to make her as distant from Suiko's Esmeralda as possible so I don't get in trouble.. she's just based off of the Suikoden character.. but that's it.

Favorite CharactersEdit

Most favorite: Millie.

Others include.. Anita, Clive, Eilie, Futch, Gabocha, Karen, Kinnison, Meg, Mukumuku, Oulan, Rina, Sasuke, Simone Verdricci, Tengaar and Wakaba.

Most Favorite is Mel, my favorite hero of the Trio is Hugo

Lilly, Jacques, Aila, Melville, Alanis, Thomas, Watari, Emily, Estella, Belle, Sharon and Lulu.

  • I have Futch as my favorite in the two games, but not in the third game. He is just too different, that I don't really like him that much in it.. however, Sharon takes his place.

Unknown yet.

But my favorites do include.... Liu-Shen, Zenoa, Sphiel, Nhazu, Tsaubern, Chein, Minen, Taj, Nemne, Luvais, Maybelle. (More to come, I probably should try replaying it, I've only beaten it once...)

Since this game is not out in english, I haven't played it, but since I've been working on the wiki.. here are the characters that I think are cool!

Playable=Luseri, Myura, Zephon, Regius, Gizellega Non-Playable=Bertha, Chiaro, Chamjin, Roxine. More to come.


  • We should get images for articles about towns, such as Ryube village. Also, list characters you can recruit in each place.
  • Returning Characters
  • So I made a returning characters page, but what about an exclusives list? A List of characters who only appear in one game (And Card Stories). Exclusive Characters.

Unlike the Returning characters list, it will go by the game. So, characters in Suikoden 1.. example.. and characters in IV etc...

  • Items, Runes, ideas that appear in every main series game. Fire Rune, Mega Medicine, Viki.. etc..
  • Characters who have the fire affinity, earth.. etc..
  • Rune categories, Suikoden 1 runes, Suikoden 2 runes.
  • Categories for enemies, such as Suikoden Tactics - Enemies, may not have the Suikoden tactics category.

Suiko V- Card stories

  • Find more info about the weapons for the Gaidens, Woven web and Castle of stardust, so these categories can be added properly. *Show affinities to runes for each character II-V

First star of destiny to be recruited, last star of destiny to be recruited.

Projects I want to doEdit

Make a page about Dopplegangers & maybe a 5 character party.

Play the game, what weapons can they use?

Fire Users, Lightning Users, Water Users, Earth Users, Wind Users. Suikoden I Support Characters, Suikoden II support Characters.. etc.. Suikoden runes

Current ProjectsEdit

The following pages in the spoiler tag has recently been edited and rewritten or changed by moi.

Succession WarEdit

So, I was thinking about the Succession war! I was thinking about the characters who would appear as stars of destiny. Barbarossa Rugner, Kasim Hazil, Teo McDohl, Georg Prime, Milich Oppenheimer, Kilawher Shulen, Kwanda Rosman, Cleo, Pahn, Gremio, Ain Gide, Rosh, Odessa Silverberg, Leon Silverberg, Mathiu Silverberg, Joshua Levenheit, Achilles, Claudia Rugner, Humphrey Mintz,

Suiko I & IVEdit

I've always noticed that Suikoden I and IV have many similarities between each other.

  1. They're both relatively shorter than the other Suikodens.
  2. Both Tenkai's have a Dark True Rune.
  3. They're the only Suikodens with Rune Pieces, that are equipped to weapons.
  4. You can start both games without a save file from another game (This also works with V too)
  5. Ted appears in both games, and these are the only games he appears in.
  6. Both have narcissist characters that are important main story characters (Milich (S1) + Reinbach (SIV), both which are at least mentioned in another Suikoden. (Milich appears in S1 and is mentioned in (SV), while Reinbach appears in IV and is mentioned in I,II and III).
  7. Scarlet Moon is mentioned in both games.
  8. Both games have an Elf village that you can go to, while the other games just have an elf character/s.
  9. The Five character theme in Suikoden I is an all male party of Blacksmiths, while the five character party theme in Suikoden IV, is an all female party of mermaids. All are SOD as well.
  10. Both games are the only Suikoden to have a Hermitage hideout.
  11. Both games have pirates and involve an actual place you can visit that have pirates.

Characters that should returnEdit

Here is a list of characters that I think she return in another game.

  • Elza, can return in an earlier installment, she would probably be under Clive's star.
  • Ko, the little boy from Banner in the second game.. but as a playable character, all grown up.
  • Ellie, the red headed inn girl from Banner. She could be an inn keeper in another game.
  • Sierra Mikain, a vampire over 800 years old!
  • Genoh, is one of the oldest characters besides Sierra.
  • Sasarai, well, he's not dead and lot's nicer than Luc.
  • Windy, she was alive for a very long time, and she's known to be MIA.. so she could appear in plenty of places.
  • Barbarossa Rugner.. Same as Windy.
  • Geddoe, had the True Lightning rune for atleast a 100 years.
  • Josephine, it's revealed that she is actually a princess of New Armes, sister of Shula. New Armes and Nagarea have it out for each other.. I wouldn't be surprised if there was another game where we saw Josephine (Maybe with a childhood friend who is also a narcissist, we need another narci unite!!) return to New Armes along with Shula, Sharmista and Nifsara.

Loser CharactersEdit

Just think about some of the characters in the series! They were meant to be losers, and I don't mean Tuta either.. I mean the scum stars of destiny.. I was thinking about it, some of them need titles, really!

Krin: Why does he exist? He I obviously the epitome of what a Bum is.. get a job!
Ledon: Don't drop the soap, but then again, he's too ugly.
Mueller: @$$hat, kind of like Nuzhat from Tierkreis except assier....if that's even a word.
Wilhelm: Creep! His pink hair is a trap! It's to lure poor girls!!
Of course, last but not least..
Guillaume: Creepy weird pedophile that needs to be tased with a cattle prod and then locked up. Bitch, hand me a net gun, we are capturing him! Gotta catch em all..Sui-Ko-Den!

LGBT Suikoden CharactersEdit

I was thinking about it, and there are characters who I think the creators nonchalantly put into the game. Okay, so yes, many of the narcissist characters are very flamboyant. However, Narcissists are mainly nobles and nobles wore frilly clothing back then! However!! I think that *Simone Verdricci and Vincent De Boule, could be more than just friends.. since they were just something else. XD The same goes for Schtolteheim Reinbach III and Charlemagne. But that's all speculation, as is most of it.

  • However, I truly think Oskar, is LGBt.. As he has a more flamboyant appearance and personality, and enjoys having tea with an older woman.

Yes, I do ship Fliktor and Riou and Jowy.. lmao.. but it's more for the kicks.

  • Everyone's been saying that Shams and Taj are basically lovers.. as they're overly affectionate.
  • Linfa, I think may be bisexual, since she seduces men and women, either that or she's open minded.

Suikoden LinksEdit

Here are some fun links I want to hold onto, feel free to check them out!

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