aka Troisnyx

  • I live in Preston, Lancashire, UK
  • I was born on April 12
  • I am F

Hey everyone, Troisnyx here! I play Suikoden IV.

I've got my hands pretty full from studies and other concerns. I wouldn't mind lending a helping hand every now and then - hit me on my talk page if you need anything, or you just wanna get to know me.

My main job is to correct the format of the articles, specifically the character articles. However, I can also help out with Help pages, templates, and to a certain extent, MediaWiki.

If you don't find me here and wish to contact me... there are these.


Part of a pet project I started. Seems that the formatting on some of them has disappeared, but oh well.

User Lazlo This user loves the hero of Suikoden IV and has named him Sylvain.
Userbox Etienne This user is charmed by Etienne's music... uh, looks... whatever.
User Nataly This user wouldn't mind a good window job...
Rune of Punishment Image This user uses the Rune of Punishment and is not someone you'd wanna mess with.
Fire Rune This user uses the Fire Rune. Burn, baby!
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