The White Deer Inn is a location in Suikoden II.


A small inn owned by Alex and Hilda, the White Deer Inn attracted a great deal of business due to its position as the closest inn near Muse City. The location proved to be a great boon for the White Deer Inn, which could attract visitors to and from the eastern half of Muse Principality such as Toto, Muse City itself, or even from as far as from Highland Kingdom, given its closeness to the Muse-Highland border.

The inn also was built near the Sindar Ruins; the heavy gate guarding the opening to the ruins is only a brisk walk from the inn itself. It is said that the Sindar's most precious treasure is buried there. An investigation into the ruins by Alex and a party led by Riou successfully navigated an intricate system of a large dam and various canals. The group was then confronted by the monstrous Double Head, and found some Healing Herbs buried within the inner sanctum of the ruins. In the end, these were used by Alex in order to heal his wife, Hilda, who had fallen ill while he had been exploring.



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