From left to right:Chaco, Sid and Landis of the Winged Horde

General OverviewEdit

The Winged Horde, or Wingers, are beings that closely resemble humans, but instead have batlike wings and clawed feet. Despite the close resemblance, their relations with humans are tenuous at best. The Winged Horde has suffered many times at the hands of humans due to their expansionistic policies. Originally the Winged Horde lived in the mountainous areas of what is now the Tinto Republic, but due to heavy mining prior to the Highland-Jowston War, the Wingers were forced to leave their homes. They were however, given a new home in Two River thanks to Genkaku, a hero of the City-States of Jowston.

Placed in middle section of Two River City, between the Kobolds and Humans, the Winged Horde was anything but welcome. Unable to find any real niche to contribute to the city's economy, many Winged Horde turned to petty theft to make a living. This, in turn, only worsened their relations with the other two races, who considered the Winged Horde 'riff-raff'.

When the Highland Army attempted to capture Two River, the Winged Horde proved essential in keeping the city from being captured. Their dedication to protecting the city was enough to incite the Kobolds into action and together they forced the Highland Army to retreat. In the end, the Winged Horde's efforts during the war helped ease the tensions with the other two races of Two River.

Prominent members of the Winged Horde include: Chaco, Sid, Landis, and Susu

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