The Zelant Kingdom is a nation not yet explored by the player in any Suikoden.

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The Zelant Kingdom (Zearanto Kingdom) is a nation said to be located to the west of Falena across the sea and so, possibly located on the Western Continent. From what is known, Zelant can be assumed to be a militaristic nation. Zelant armour is well known and, in fact, (false) rumours would have us believe that all Zelantians wear armour.

Shields are imported to Falena from Zelant, via the Hershville Naval Base on the western coast. Also, the Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade is said to be stationed in Zelant. If rumours are to be believed, the strategist Albert Silverberg traveled here after the Second Fire Bringer War.

It is also stated that Levi accompanied Norma and Ernst on a return trip to Zelant to investigate Ernst's rune related trouble.

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